Wednesday, March 3

Contractors required to apply for permits for renovation works in Sibujaya, says council chairman


Sempurai Petrus Ngelai

SIBU: The Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) requires local contractors to apply for permits prior to any renovation works in Sibujaya township, said SRDC chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai.

This comes after rampant and illegal dumping of renovation waste by contractors and appropriate action would be taken according to the building by-laws against those who fail to produce the permit, including compounding the offender.

“This requirement or policy is already there for quite some time, but due to the rampant illegal dumping of the renovation waste by contractors, (it has) prompted the council to impose it accordingly.

“This is to ensure that local contractors doing the renovation in Sibujaya will not throw their renovation waste indiscriminately,” he said today when asked on the issues discussed during the full council meeting on July 29.

Additionally, the council through its Public Health section would monitor the illegal dumping issue by dispatching their officers to the ground, Sempurai revealed.

He pointed out that this had to be done frequently and constantly by SRDC.

Turning to the members of public, he emphasised that they should play their role by not throwing any renovations and industrial waste illegally.

“They cannot expect the council to collect those wastes at any illegal dumping site. We are only collecting household wastes and not renovation and industrial wastes.

“It is our responsibility to look after our environment. Council will enforce the cleanliness by-laws by compounding litterbugs RM500 if they are found throwing renovation wastes illegally,” he warned.

Adding on, he recalled the meeting also discussed on Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) and new SOP on the compulsory usage of face masks at the public and crowded places.

“SRDC will continue to be vigilant together with other agencies to ensure that Sibu remains green (zone). We are fully aware that there is some indication that second wave of Covid-19 outbreak might happen if we are not vigilant enough and let our guard down,” Sempurai highlighted.

He pointed out that council had taken initiatives to ensure the compliance for the mandatory usage of face masks especially at markets, tamu markets and food courts under SRDC.

“We will deploy our Public Health officers on the ground to ensure members of public use face masks when entering council’s facilities like markets, tamu and food courts,” he stressed.

SRDC together with Divisional Health Office have conducted random Covid-19 swap tests to make early detection at council’s markets and Tamu at SibuJaya, he added.

Concerning rabies, he informed that SRDC together with other agencies like Sibu Municipal Council (SMC), Kanowit District Council (KDC), Meradong-Julau District Council, Department of Veterinary Services Sarawak Sibu office, police and army had conducted an integrated operation to remove stray dogs from the street.

The operation which ran from July 4 till 31, would be continued by the council’s dog unit, he said.

“I urge members of public to be vigilant by checking on their children’s’ whereabouts. If they see any dogs with rabies symptoms, they must contact the authorities immediately.

“For pet owners, they must keep their pets within their house compound and cages. They must get their pets vaccinated,” Sempurai reminded.