Sunday, August 9

Market shoppers in Bintulu show good compliance with mask-wearing SOP


It is difficult to maintain the minimum of 1m physical distancing between shoppers at Tamu Bintulu.

BINTULU: Shoppers at Pasar Utama Bintulu and Tamu Bintulu appeared to be complying fully with the latest standard operating procedure (SOP) requiring them to wear face masks in public areas, during an observation over the town’s two largest markets yesterday.

This followed the announcement made by Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob on July 23 about the wearing of face masks in public areas being made compulsory – effective
Aug 1.

Under this ruling, ‘crowded areas’ would cover public transportation like buses as well as crowded public spaces like markets, ‘pasar tani’ (farmers markets) and also ‘tamu’ (farmers and jungle produce markets).

Those observed at Pasar Utama Bintulu and Tamu Bintulu yesterday were adhering to the SOP.

However, it could be seen that it was almost impossible for them to maintain the minimum 1m physical distancing when buying vegetables and other jungle produce at the ‘tamu’.

At Pasar Utama Bintulu, some parents were bringing along their young children to the market.

There was a couple who went there with a toddler – all three were wearing face masks.

It is understood that parents who bring their small children to the public areas, especially those crowded ones, would not face stern action under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

However, they are strongly advised against it, to protect them from the risk of being infected with Covid-19.