Sunday, September 24

How to make time for learning


IT’S always important to keep on learning in order to enhance our capabilities and enrich our perspective, more so in a world that is rapidly changing and increasingly globalised.

But what if we have not had time to commit to learning?

It is a common challenge when it comes to lifelong learning, especially for those who are busy with their work and life, and feel as if there will never be time and space for learning.

However, if we truly want to thrive in our professional, entrepreneurial, or personal endeavour, we should make the effort to find time to acquire a new skill or broaden our knowledge.

The idea is to turn learning into a habit without the need to rush through. That way, it will eventually become natural and enjoyable, even when you have a heavy workload.


Start small

You might have the motivation to learn something new, but it can be overwhelming if you decide to; for example, apply for a university degree programme immediately.

Instead, you should register for a short online course or do online research first to gauge your level of interest in a subject.

By taking it one step at a time, you’ll progress better as you can enjoy the learning process and become more consistent in your self-development.


Schedule time for learning

You might also be unaware that you’re actually busy due to the inefficient way you use your time. In that case, now is a good opportunity to reassess your schedule and find any gaps that you can fill in with learning.

Use a planner or a calendar to set ‘appointments’ with whatever you want to learn. Even within your regular schedule, you can squeeze in some minutes to enrich yourself, such as reading articles on various topics during your break or listening to an educational podcast during your weekly commute.


Have someone hold you accountable

For some of you, it is beneficial to have someone keep track of your learning progress, be it a family member, friend, or mentor.

It is even better if the person giving you support is working towards the same goals, enabling the both of you to inspire and motivate each other to keep going.


Have discipline

There will be moments when you are tempted to stop learning certain because of the difficulties that may overwhelm you.

This is where being disciplined in your lifelong learning matters, for it helps you to accomplish your goals by allowing you to experience and overcome the struggle.

After all, it is through these challenges that you will come to better appreciate the learning process, as well as the success you will be able to achieve in your life.


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