Tuesday, March 28

439 dogs get rabies jab in Miri


MIRI: A free mass anti-rabies vaccination programme here yesterday involved 439 dogs.

The programme, which ran from 9am to 4pm, involved booster shots being administered on 160 dogs, while the remaining ones received their first vaccination.

Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin said yesterday’s exercise indicated higher level of awareness among pet lovers regarding the importance of such vaccination.

Lee (right) looks on as the vaccine is being administered on one of the dogs.

“As you can see, there are a lot of Mirians coming to today’s (yesterday’s) programme to get their pets vaccinated. They are becoming increasingly aware of the danger of rabies and also of their responsibility of getting their pets vaccinated to prevent rabies.

“We will be having a similar programme in Taman Tunku next week,” he said.

Lee also reminded all pet owners to take the opportunity to get their pets vaccinated for free.

“Let us not take rabies for granted.

“The vaccine lasts for one year only, so those who had heir pets vaccinated last year can come again to get their pets re-vaccinated,” he added.