Friday, February 3

Reduce Miri-Kuching air fares, DAP Youth chief urges


Hee shows the flight tickets at press conference yesterday.

MIRI: Miri DAP Youth Chief Peter Hee urges the Ministry of Transport to look into the soaring Miri-Kuching air fares.

Hee said he was shocked that the return flight tickets between Miri and Kuching that cost nearly RM2, 000.

“The last time I checked was this morning (Aug 21) and AirAsia air fare is more than RM1,800 and the cheapest return ticket is more than RM500. This is unreasonable for an hour and half flight.

“The travel restriction to Kuching ended on Aug 14, so the ministry should look into the possibility of increasing the flights to lower the price tickets,” Hee said at a press conference in DAP Pujut Service Centre here yesterday,.

He pointed out air travel is the fastest and most convenient mode of travel for people here to get to Kuching.

“Land route from Miri to Kuching takes more than 14 hours for private vehicle and long-haul bus takes over 18 hours.

“We hope that the Minister of Transport could look into this issue and negotiate with the airline company to reduce the prices of the tickets,” said Hee.