Wednesday, September 23

Two floating trash barriers at Miri River


Lee (centre) joins offcials in holding up the floating trash barrier at Miri Waterfront.

MIRI : A trap made up of recycled materials, mostly plastic bottles, has hauled up more than three tonnes of rubbish since it was placed under Piasau bridge on Feb 12.

According to the Minister of Transport Datuk Lee Kim Shin, most of the rubbish are from residential, industrial and business areas.

He was speaking at a press conference after officiating at the installation of floating trash barriers in two location along Miri River yesterday.

The pilot project costing over RM40,000 was for the installation of these barriers at two monsoon drains at Miri Waterfront and Kampung Wireless.

“There’s always rubbish floating in our rivers that’s why I asked the Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) to install this pilot project here.”

Lee noted that SRB had been working hard with Miri City Council (MCC) to clean up Miri rivers.

“We will work with the council to study the outcome of the project. If there are still a lot of rubbish in our rivers, we may install more floating trash barriers,” he said adding that the council will clear the trap three times a week.

The minister is also appealing to all Mirians to work together with the authorities to keep the rivers here clean.

He also made other suggestions to the council.

“I would like to request MCC to give attention to areas in need of bigger bins or communal bins. Sometime people litter because there is not enough rubbish bins.

“There should also be more enforcement work carried out. Miri is a resort city, therefore its image or reputation is very important. It must be clean and beautiful. This needs the cooperation of all Mirians,” he said.

Lee was happy to note that Miri River is not in the list of the top ten most polluted rivers in the country any more.

“Long ago, Miri River was among the top ten most polluted in the country, but today it has improved a lot and is no more in the list.

“However, we still need to work hard to make Miri River one of the cleanest in the country,” he said.

Also present at the press conference were Miri Mayor Adam Yii, SRB chairman Dr Murni Suhaili, SRB acting controller Lt Col (R)
Ding Tiew Wong, assistant controller SRB Region 3 (Miri, Bintulu, Limbang) Leonard Luhat Laing and acting Miri District Officer Abdul Aziz Mohamad Yusuf.