Friday, September 25

56 flood victims housed at temporary evacuation centre


A family of six from Rumah Philimon is seen with Thiong (third right) and others at the evacuation centre.

KAPIT: The Kapit Disaster Management Committee has set up a temporary evacuation centre at Bletih Indoor Stadium which is capable of accommodating about 200 evacuees following the widespread flooding here since Sunday.

Several low-lying areas such as schools, longhouses, villages and roads are still submerged, causing much hardship to the residents.

The worst hit longhouses were those in Nanga Antawau, Karangan Arak and Nanga Baleh.

Meanwhile, 56 flood victims are now putting up at the evacuation centre, 50 of them from 19 families are from Rumah Philimon (Nanga Baleh), three (two families) from Kampung Muhibbah Bletih, and three from a family from Kampung Baru here.

Many other victims preferred to put up with relatives and friends whose houses sit on higher grounds.

Staff from the Welfare Department, Civil Defence, Fire and Rescue Dept, Malaysia Red Crescent Kapit Chapter, and Rela are among those looking after the victims at the temporary shelter.

Welfare officer Darriel Thiong said each family is provided with a tent, which must be set up in keeping with the social distance rule.

“Packed food, drinks, biscuit, instant noodle, coffee, tea and sugar are also provided.

“Infants and babies are also provided with formula.”