PSB refutes claims it is collaborating with PH


Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh

KUCHING: Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) has not entered into any alliance with any party or parties and will not do so in the future, said its president Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.

“For the record, I wish to make an unequivocal statement that PSB is a 100 per cent Sarawakian independent party and has not entered into any alliance with any party or parties.

“(We) will not do so in the future in order to maintain our independence to serve the people of Sarawak with fairness to all, with transparency and integrity in governance and to regain eroded rights in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) under the same BN government (now rebranded as GPS) over the last 57 years,” he said in a statement Saturday to clarify allegations that PSB is working with Pakatan Harapan.

However, Wong said PSB would work with any like-minded party or parties sharing the same vision and mission to change the 57-year-old GPS government “to regain our dignity and our rights under MA63 for all Sarawakians without regards to race, religion or social status”.

“In this day and age in 2020, after 57 years of Malaysia, it is disappointing that Sarawak is still among the poorest nation (sic) in Malaysia and that many people in Sarawak are still deprived of access to clean water, electricity, decent roads and housing, health care and education and economic opportunities,” he said.

Wong believes that it is time to change.

“The people of Sarawak deserve change for a better future. A change for a new PSB government instead of GPS,” he added.