Sunday, October 24

Statos sees demand rise for Sarawak Laksa due to travel restrictions


MUSC intends to popularise Sarawak flavours in Singapore.

KUCHING: The Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (Statos) has seen a rise in demand for Sarawak Laksa due to Covid-19 travel restrictions in the country.

Statos chief executive officer Chew Chang Guan said conditions in Singapore such as its circuit breaker periods have actually stirred cravings for the dish.

“We hope this will be the tipping point to inspire new food trends and spinoff fusion dishes for Sarawak flavours.

“Many Sarawak Laksa stalls in Singapore have tripled their sales in past months. This intensifying demand for what the late Anthony Boudain called, ‘the Breakfast of the Gods’, means more entrepreneurs, distributors, and restaurateurs in Singapore are likely to tap into this upward-moving food trend,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Following a Business Matching Webinar organised by Statos, MUSC Industries Sdn Bhd (MUSC), a processed food manufacturer headquartered in Sarawak, and distributor Bountiful Harvest Pte Ltd, a Sarawakian-owned firm based in Singapore, have inked a landmark distribution agreement.

‘’MUSC intends to popularise Sarawak flavours in the Singapore market, starting with our Sarawak Laksa paste, which will pave the way for other products such as Sambal Belacan, Fish Head Curry, and Masak Merah,’’ said MUSC co-founder Vincent Chong.

Looking forward, Chew said Statos will help more Sarawakian food manufacturers to engage in new trade agreements through business matching services and activities to pair Sarawak and Singapore entities.

‘’This latest distribution deal demonstrates how Sarawak’s iconic experiences can make their way into the world, even while inbound travel is restricted. Statos is delighted to promote a taste of Sarawak through international trade.

“Since Sarawak’s processed food sector holds tremendous potential in Singapore, Statos welcomes the entry of any Sarawak processed food items, which have quality packaging and the necessary certifications,” he said.

Statos is an advisory body that has been driving trade, investment, and tourism between Sarawak and Singapore since last year.

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