Man who jumped into river to escape police pursuit found drowned


Awang’s body found by villagers taking part in the SAR.

LAWAS: The man who fled from the police here on Tuesday by jumping into a river was found drowned yesterday afternoon.

Lawas Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Station chief, Zaki Husin said Awang Asmali Awang Damit, 35 was found by villagers who took part in the search and rescue operation (SAR).

“The victim from Kampung Aru Sundar was found at 3.42pm by villagers who took part in the SAR opeartion,” said Zaki when contacted to confirm on the discovery.

Earlier one of the villagers, Jamaluddin Ahmad found the wallet of the victim among the bamboo clump by the river bank.

Bomba Sarawak in a statement yesterday said the Open Water Surface Water Search operation was carried out using several boats within a one kilometre radius downstream from where Awang was said to have jumped into the river at 6.32 pm Tuesday.

“According to eye witness the victim was pursued by Police Narcotic unit using a vehicle at 1pm and about four minutes later the victim in desperate bid to escape jumped into the nearby river near the jetty in front of Asmah Putih house and disappeared in the river,” said the statement.

Zaki meanwhile said among those joining Bomba (led by himself) in the search operation yesterday were representatives from the Sundar Sub District, family members and villagers who used seven boats.

Awang’s body was later handed over to the police for investigation.