Thursday, July 7

State Education director appointed as advisor to ACEC Association


Photo shows participants involved in ACEC Association’s first virtual meeting with school principals and teachers, which was held last month.

KUCHING: Education Department of Sarawak (JPNS) director Abang Mat Ali Abang Masagus has been appointed as advisor to the Asean-China Education and Culture (ACEC) Association.

Yang (right) hands over the appointment certificate to Abang Mat Ali.

ACEC Association executive chairman Yang Chengcheng announced this during a simple ceremony held here recently to mark the appointment.

He said despite the Covid-19 situation, the JPNS and ACEC Association managed to run the International Talent Training Programme (ITTP) involving secondary schools in Sarawak.

“As an advisor, JPNS director (Abang Mat Ali) has been very supportive of the promotion of the ITTP and willing to help students, teachers and staff members grab such an opportunity.

“Through the continuous support from the JPNS, the ACEC Association is able to spread the good news to all Sarawakians and secure the scholarships’ quota for them,” said Yang in a statement.

He also encouraged more Sarawakians to take part in the ITTP, in which ACEC Association could assist them in applying for placing in top-ranking and prestigious universities in China.

“The teachers and staff members under JPNS have been offered a few scholarships to further their post-graduate and language studies in the designated country without them having to compromise current job situation,” he said.

Yang said to ensure that there would be no language barrier and cultural shock during their studies, the qualified applicants would also get to join the free enhancing and intensive courses via ITTP and ACEC Association.

On Sept 23 this years, representatives of 190secondary schools in Sarawak joined a virtual meeting with ACEC Association to further discuss the advantages of ITTP.

“The ITTP not only benefits the secondary school students, but also the school principals and teachers,” he said.

“The ACEC Association shows its solid support for Sarawak students who have moderate examination results and thus, lack the opportunity to study abroad.

“Enhanced language courses will be provided by ACEC Association for free to students before they head to their designated universities, in view of language barrier being one of the concerns among many students and teachers,” he added.

ACEC Association’s vision is to establish platform for cultural and cooperation between countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ in Asia, allowing students from all over this region to access high-quality international education opportunities, and also helping outstanding students from ordinary families complete their studies abroad– through a cultural and educational cooperation meant to improve regional development and also the lives of local residents.

Under this mission, the governments, universities, industrialised organisations and non-profit organisations have established cooperative funds to support qualified students, lecturers and researchers in studying abroad and learning about culture exchange.

Its objectives are establishing the Belt and Road International Institute and Belt, and the belt and Road Study Centre in over 20 countries before 2022, aimed at providing international education and cultural exchange services to local students, teachers and lecturers; collaborating with more than 1,000 universities, institutions, colleges and high schools within the next three years; and amassing funds to help 23,000 people.