Saturday, January 23

Those aged above 50 advised to stay at home


The 516th Regiment of Territory Army distributing 150 sets of fast food (KFC) to the frontliners at Tawau hospital yesterday.

TAWAU: Commanding officer of the 516th Regiment of the Territorial Army for East Coast, Brigadier General Tan Sri Datuk Liew Yun Fah (JP) has urged elderly people aged 50 and above, in particular, to continue to stay safe at home during the current critical moments of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Liew said Covid-19 is often more severe in people who are older than 50 or who have health conditions like lung or heart disease, diabetes or conditions that affect their immune system and it is very troublesome if they are infected.

Meanwhile, he also urged all employers to advise or convince their employees not to go out without important matters, except from buying things or seeing a doctor. As everyone has no idea if some people around us are infected.

He told reporters this after distributing 150 sets of fast food (KFC) to the frontliners of Tawau hospital and 80 sets to the Tawau health department (Kabota) yesterday.

“I do understand and sympathise with all frontliners who sacrifice their life, family, energy and time throughout this hardship; yet, in this moment, I can only convey spiritual encouragement to all frontliners and hope this food becomes a token of appreciation from me,” Liew added.

According to him, it is the time for everyone to cooperate with the health ministry in the effort of cutting off the chain of Covid-19 virus. He also hoped capable business merchants would continue to step up to help the frontliners throughout this hardship.