Sunday, November 28

Political activist favours proclamation of state of emergency to fight Covid-19


Voon Shiak Ni

KUCHING (Oct 25): Political activist Voon Shiak Ni is in favour of a proclamation of state of emergency to temporarily suspend political activities as the country continues to fight Covid-19.

In a statement today, she said such proclamation would be “genuinely needed for the people’s interests and for people to stay safe” during this health pandemic.

“The speculation of proclamation of political emergency is rift and prime minister had sought royal audience with the Agong on the matter after a special Cabinet meeting on Friday (Oct 23).

“In such circumstances, I would like to remind all politicians out there who are still working on a plot (to topple the current government) to come to your senses. Let’s focus on battling the pandemic,” she said.

Voon reminded all that the recent Covid-19 infections in the country were alarming, with Saturday’s new positive cases hitting four digits.

She stressed that everyone, politicians included, should work together to fight the Covid-19 pandemic before it was too late.

She said director-general of Health Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah had recently expressed his concern over mental and physical fatigue taking its toll on medical frontliners.

Due to such concern, he appealed to all to stay united in fighting the war against Covid-19, she said.

She observed that hospitals in Sabah had been overloaded due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases after its state election last month, and frontliners there had been struggling to cope with the aggravating situation.

“In Sarawak, the state election is just around the corner and (various) parties are calling on the state government to delay the Sarawak state election due to the worsening pandemic.

“The majority of the feedback from netizens are not in favour of having the state election soon,” she said.

Voon added that the priority should be on battling Covid-19 to save lives and the livelihoods of many of those who had lost their jobs.