Covid-19: 9 new cases in Sarawak today — 5 from Wisma Saberkas Cluster


KUCHING (Nov 4): Sarawak today recorded nine new cases of Covid-19, five of which are in the Wisma Saberkas Cluster, the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) revealed in a statement.

SDMC added that eight of the new cases were detected in Kuching, while one was detected in Miri.

This brought the total number of positive cases in the state to 936.

“The Case 928 is categorised as Import Case B for having contracted the infection in Negeri Sembilan. It involves a local man who had just returned from Negeri Sembilan via Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) on Nov 1.

“Upon arrival at Kuching International Airport (KIA) the case has been admitted into a hotel quarantine centre for the mandatory quarantine for 14 days. The case has been undergone Covid-19 rT-PCR test screening on Nov 2 and was found positive the following day,” it said.

The case did not show any signs and symptoms of infection. He has been admitted to the isolation ward at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for further treatment. Contact tracing is being done.

Case 929 is one of five new cases in the Wisma Saberkas Cluster. It involves a local man who has undergone self-screening for Covid-19 in a private hospital on Nov 3 due to having visited Wisma Saberkas. Results of the rT-PCR screening tests found him positive for Covid-19 on the same day.

The 930th case is one new case from the Green Hill Cluster. It is a local woman who has undergone a health screening at a private hospital in Kuching on Nov 2 as she had been to a premise visited by cases within the Green Hill Cluster.

This case did not show any signs and symptoms of infection and has no history of travel abroad or to high-risk areas in the country. The case is still under investigation.

Case 931 is a Vietnamese woman who has been in Miri for the past eight months. The case was treated at a private hospital in Miri on Nov 2 for coughing and a fever since Oct 30.

The case has undergone Covid-19 screening at the same hospital and rT-PCR test results found her to be positive on Nov 3. She has been admitted to Miri Hospital for further treatment. The case has no history of returning to her country of origin or visiting high-risk areas in Malaysia for the last three months. The case is still being investigated and contact tracing is being conducted.

Cases 932 to 935 are related to the Wisma Saberkas Cluster. The 932nd and 933rd cases are two friends aged 18 and 21 who had visited premises in Wisma Saberkas. They are local citizens who had undergone self-screening at a private laboratory on Nov 2. Both did not show any signs and symptoms typical of the virus.

Cases 934 and 935 are local citizens who are working at Wisma Saberkas who underwent Covid-19 screening through Active Case Detection (ACD) conducted by the State Health Department on Nov 2 at Wisma Saberkas. Both did not show any signs and symptoms.

Case 936 is a man who has undergone Covid-19 screening at a government health clinic because he had close contact with a positive case, which was Case 900.

This case has suffered from a fever and cough since Oct 19, but had recovered two days later. This case also does not have any history of visiting a foreign country or high-risk areas in the country. He has been admitted to SGH’s isolation ward for further treatment and contact tracing for this case is also being carried out.

Meanwhile, SDMC added that there were 14 cases of recoveries and discharges for the day, all from SGH.

“As of today, 777 or 83.01 per cent of total cases have recovered and have been discharged.

“A total of 140 cases are still being treated at isolation wards. Out of that, 112 cases are being treated at SGH, 23 cases at Miri Hospital, three at Bintulu Hospital and two at Sibu Hospital,” it said.

There are currently no cases being treated at intensive care units.

As for persons-under-investigation (PUIs), there were 14 new ones, with five still awaiting lab results.

This brings the cumulative total of PUIs to 10,223 to-date.

As for persons-under-surveillance (PUS), there are 107 individuals who have checked into hotels for their compulsory quarantine today. This brings the total of current PUS to 2,265 individuals at 26 hotels statewide.

To-date, those who have completed their quarantine period numbered at 29,480.

With no deaths reported, the state’s death toll remains at 19 or 2.03 per cent of total cases.