Tuesday, November 24

Covid-19: New Besi Cluster emerges in Sarawak


KUCHING (Nov 18): A new Covid-19 cluster in Sarawak named the Besi Cluster has been identified by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

This cluster involves the Demak Laut and Batu Lintang area in Kuching after the index case was identified following a Covid-19 symptom individual screening on Nov 15.

Close contact tracing yielded four more cases and all of them have been warded at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for further treatment.

According to a statement from SDMC today, as of noon today, 237 people have been screened, with five testing positive, 220 negative and another 12 awaiting their lab test results.

“Of the five cases in the Besi Cluster, three were new cases reported today,” said the SDMC statement today.

Meanwhile, five other clusters remain active in Sarawak with the Baki Cluster, Seladah Cluster, Green Hill Cluster, Wisma Saberkas Cluster and Jalan Abell Cluster not reporting any new positive cases today.

The Jalan Abell Cluster has recorded 15 cases thus far, while the Baki Cluster has 33 cases, the Seladah Cluster has nine cases, the Green Hill Cluster has 91 cases and the Wisma Saberkas Cluster has 44 cases. All figures include the index cases for the respective cluster.

Similarly, the State Health Department and several agencies under the SDMC has conducted active case detection from Nov 16 at a factory at Demak Laut in Kuching following the detection of a positive case there.

The first round of close contact screening was also carried out on Nov 17 with 221 people tested. One positive case was found.

As of noon today (Nov 18) one more person tested positive in the new cluster. A disinfection and sanitisation of the premises were also carried out.