Sunday, November 29

Veggies supply down due to wet spell


Tieu’s vegetable plot is inundated with flood waters.

SIBU: The wet spell has badly affected the supply of fresh vegetables in the market.

According to chairman of Sibu Vegetable Planters Association (SVPA) Tieu Kiu Sing the unfavorable weather in the past few days had triggered flash flood which badly affected their vegetable farms, especially those at low-lying areas of Sungai Bidut.

“The flood damaged our vegetables and other crops, which resulted in less vegetables being sent to the market.

“We have no other option but to increase the prices between RM0.50 and RM1 per kg for several types of vegetables,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Tieu, who has five acres of land at Sg Bidut with various types of vegetables lamented that the inclement weather had badly affecting his and members’ livelihood.

“We are losing due to the damaged vegetables caused by the rain and flood. Fertilizers we applied to our vegetable farms have been washed away.We hope the authorities concerned or the agriculture department will come forward to assist us and lessen our burden, which is already aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Tieu also appealed to the government to allocate suitable land on higher ground for them to carry out their vegetable farming. Most areas in low-lying Sg Bidut are susceptible to frequent flooding especially during high tide coupled with heavy rain.

The association has about 300 members, who are mostly based in the town’s west bank.