Acting ambassador encourages programs to foster bilateral ties with China


Goh (left) and Tang Rui having a cordial discussion during the courtesy call.

KUALA LUMPUR: Acting Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, Tang Rui has encouraged more Malaysian youths, of various races, to visit China after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

He especially proposed that Malaysian youths take part in exchange programs and study camps organised by Chinese government. He reckoned that this could further enhance the long-established bilateral ties between the two countries.

He proposed this during the courtesy call by Tan Sri T.C Goh, president of The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Huazong), at the Chinese Embassy here, yesterday. Also in attendance were Liu Dongyuan, First Secretary (Consular Affairs), Huazong deputy secretary-general Yong Yew Wei, its Central Committee member cum Treasurer for International Affairs Committee, Dato’ Lee Teck Hua.

Tang Rui affirmed that the embassy is keen to collaborate with various Chinese organizations including Huazong, to facilitate such programs after the pandemic is over, so as to forge closer bilateral ties between China and Malaysia.

He was especially delighted and impressed with the growing trend of non-Chinese, Malay students especially, enrolling in Chinese schools, over the years.

Tang Rui who arrived in Malaysia in July this year, was also full of praises for the Chinese community in Malaysia, for their serious commitment and tremendous efforts in preserving and promoting Chinese education in the country.

He also acknowledged Huazong is the leading Chinese organization in Malaysia and has done a good job in preserving Chinese culture and history of overseas Chinese in this part of the world, as demonstrated by its well-established-and-managed Malaysian Chinese Museum.

He however expressed regret that he won’t be able to attend the reception dinner which Huazong and various key Chinese organizations intended to host for him, citing the ongoing pandemic.

Nonetheless, he promised that once the pandemic is over or well under control, he would take the initiative to enhance rapport with all quarters.

He added that he was eager to visit various states, including east coast and east Malaysia, in order to better appreciate Malaysia’s unique diverse culture.

Meanwhile, during his briefing, Goh informed Tang Rui of Huazong’s long-term ideology and commitment of promoting closer inter-racial harmony and cooperation.

He hoped the Chinese Embassy could extend the necessary support and assistance towards achieving such a noble objective and aspiration.

Goh who is also the president of The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) thus hoped in the near future, Malaysian youths of various races could partake in the various youth exchange programs and study camps organized by the Chinese government, so as to further enhance bilateral ties between the two countries.

He also assured that Huazong would continue to play its role of bridging the government and Chinese community, besides extending its full support and cooperation to the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

He hoped the embassy too could extend the same, towards achieving the common goal of preserving long-term bilateral ties.

Goh underscored that both Huazong and Malaysian government fully support the ideology of ‘One China Policy’, and the shared resources and prosperity concept of the robust-and-transformative ‘Belt-and-Road’ initiative.