Youth denies kissing boy


KOTA KINABALU: A 20-year-old youth faces up to 20 years’ jail for kissing a nine-year-old boy on the mouth.

Alias Azrin Alias Rahmad faces a charge under Section 14 (d) of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017, which carries the maximum two-decade jail term with whipping, upon conviction.

According to the charge, Alias Azrin had kissed the boy in the toilet at an unnumbered house in Kampung Melulugus, Beaufort on November 18.

Alias Azrin pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him before Sessions Court judge Azreena Aziz.

Following the plea of not guilty, the court adjourned to January 4, 2021 for pre-trial case management. Alias Azrin was ordered to be further detained as no bail was offered.

In a separate case yesterday, a 40-year-old mechanic was sentenced to 36 months’ prison for dishonestly receiving stolen property and another two months for fraudulent possession of property.

Sutresno Anak Intu was ordered to serve the sentences concurrently, following his guilty plea to charges under Section 411 of the Penal Code and Section 22A (1) of the Minor Offences Ordinance (Sabah Cap. 80).

On the first charge, the accused admitted to retaining one projector and a digital camera, which were believed to have been stolen from the Kota Kinabalu Health Office. The items were found at a workers’ quarters in Penampang on November 26.

On the second charge, the accused confessed to having in his possession a mobile phone, a receipt, a black box and a golden ring and necklace, at the†same place on the same day.

According to the facts of the case, a police report was lodged on November 2, regarding missing personal effects as well as office equipment.

The report stated that the office had been broken into.

In addition, three more reports were lodged by office personnel concerning missing items. On November 26, the accused was arrested and led the police to the stolen items, which were kept at the quarters.

In mitigation, National Legal Aid†Foundation (YBGK) counsel Lawrence Lim told the court that the accused was the sole breadwinner for his unemployed wife and two children.

He added that the accused had pleaded guilty in the first instance.

However, it was learned that the accused had three prior convictions, one under Section 411 and another drug-related case.

He also admitted to being charged in the Kota Marudu court previously.