5 areas in Mulu flooded, landslides in Tinjar


MIRI: Continuous rain has resulted in flooding over five areas in Mulu, with inundation reaching depth of three feet (almost 1m).

Miri Fire and Rescue chief Supt Law Poh Kiong has assured all that his team is monitoring the situation, following the alert received from the Mulu Sub-District Officer early yesterday.

The flood-hit areas are Kampung Melinau, Kampung Batu Bungan, SK Batu Bungan, Mulu Health Clinic and Mulu Sub-District Office.

The Mulu Health Clinic is among the five flood-hit areas in Mulu, following rain that has been falling non-stop since Friday afternoon.

Law said rain had been falling over the areas since Friday afternoon.

“The first sign of flooding was recorded at around 6pm (on Friday).

“We’re informed that the floodwater had entered some properties,” he said, adding that the water level was still rising as at 2pm yesterday, with the sky still overcast.

The Mulu Volunteer Firefighters Unit also reported fast-rising water level in Melina River, where the jetty was already submerged yesterday.

“The situation is still under control – there’s no evacuation being carried out yet,” said Law.

Meanwhile, Baram District Education Office reported that floods had struck three schools – SMK Tutoh Apoh, SK Long Linei and SK Sungai Bong.

It is understood that all schools had remained closed.

Separately, landslides were reported along the stretch between Jalan Lapok and Ulu Tinjar, cutting off access to Long Tabing, Long Teran and Long Jegan areas – possibly occurring during the early hours of yesterday.

Workers from the Public Works Department (JKR) had come to the affected sections and cleared the
mud and debris off the road which, by yesterday’s afternoon, had become passable again.