Monday, September 27

Monitor all RTP projects, JKKKs told


Sikie inspects the road upgrading project at one of the longhouses.

TATAU: Village Security and Development Committees (JKKKs) are urged to monitor the rural transformation programme (RTP) projects that are being implemented in their respective villages and longhouses.

Kakus assemblyman Datuk John Sikie, in giving this message, emphasised the importance for them to ensure that contractors would carry out their projects according to the specifications.

He, together with representatives from Tatau District Office and Public Works Department, inspected several RTP projects in his constituency recently.

Among the projects were at several longhouses – Rh Heli, Rh Agau, Rh Gani, Rh Tedong, Rh Enjan and Rh Ganda all in Tatau.

Sikie, who is also Assistant Minister of Native Laws and Customs also went to Rh Sawan, Rh Umpang, Rh Bigat and Rh Lunin all in Selangau to see the progress of the RTP projects in the area.