Tuesday, January 19

Residents in Baram, Kapit advised to stay alert after water levels breach alert level


MIRI (Jan 11): The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Sarawak has advised residents in Long Teru, Baram and its surrounding areas to stay alert after the water level at the Baram basin has breached the alert level.

According to the DID Sarawak website, the water level at Baram basin as of 9.30am today stood at 6.62 metres, which has exceeded the six metres alert level.

The normal water level in this area is three metres, while the alert level is set at six metres. A flood warning will be issued once the water level breached the seven metres reading. The danger level is issued if the water level breaches eight metres.

The DID Sarawak also advised residents in two other areas in the state to stay alert following sudden increase in water level.

The water level in Nanga Merit station in Kapit was at 21.41 metres at of 9.43am today which has breached the 20.0 metres alert level.

The water level at Punah Bah B station, also in Kapit was at 9.74 metres as of 9.30am today. The alert level for this area is 9 metres.

“The water level has breached the alert level. Communities around the vicinity are advised to be alert at all times,” the DID Sarawak said on its website.