Thursday, January 21

Rural folks urged to step up precautionary measures against Covid-19


MIRI: Folks in Ulu Baram are urged to step up prevention measures against the Covid-19 pandemic in view of recent infection cases reported in several longhouses in Sibu.

The advice came from Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau, who wanted the people in his constituency to view the matter seriously to protect their family members against the virus.

Dennis (left) with a villager checking the roadblock at Kampung Long Belok junction during the implementation of first MCO last year.

“The Covid-19 virus is very active and can infect people anywhere, including us in Ulu Baram.

“It is very easy for this virus to infect anyone living with a big family in a longhouse. With the increase in Covid-19 cases reported in the state recently, including the Miri Division, it is important for the folks in my constituency to beef up precautionary measures in their respective longhouses like what we did during the implementation of the first movement control order (MCO).”

Dennis said total cooperation from all the rural folks is important in order to keep their family members, relatives and neighbours safe from the pandemic.

He called on longhouse chiefs and village security and development committees in Telang Usan constituency to take the initiative to set up roadblock at the road leading to their respective longhouses.

He said this is to control the movement of the longhouse residents and to prevent visitors from coming to their longhouses to prevent the longhouse people from being infected by the Covid-19 virus. He also reminded his people not to conduct any social activity that could expose them to the coronavirus.

At the same time, he advised Ulu Baram folks not to panic as the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) was doing their best to control the pandemic and continue to follow and comply with the guidelines given by SDMC and Ministry of Health.