Thursday, February 25

‘Fake news causing panic in Kapit’


Temenggong Tan Kian Hoo

KAPIT: The spreading of fake news, especially via social media such as Facebook and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat, have cause panic here, said Chinese community leader Temenggong Tan Kian Hoo.

He called on the people to stop spreading fake news on Covid-19 here and advised them to verify the news with the relevant authorities.

Tan was responding to the recent confirmed Covid-19 case involving a 36-year- old Indonesian labourer attached to a road construction project in Baleh.

He explained the Health Department had taken proactive measures to swab test 252 people within a 2km radius of the site such as from nearby longhouses, a logging firm, and the construction site.

“Even before the results were announced by the official authorities, two days later fake news spread that 28 of them who went for testing were positive for Covid-19. This is really immoral and we should be more responsible not to cause panic among the people,” he stressed.

Tan called on Kapit folk to instead devote their energy to working together to prevent the spread of Covid-19 cases.

“As individuals, we must observe social distancing, avoid crowded places, wear face masks, use hand sanitiser to clean our hands regularly, to follow strictly the SOPs (standard operating procedures) on Covid-19.

“Kapit belongs to you and me. It is our collective responsibility to safeguard our environment to ensure a conducive living environment free from the virus threat,” he added.

Bukit Mabong District is now a yellow zone following the one Covid-19 case, which was confirmed on Jan 2.

Kapit zone was previously Covid-19 free for the whole of 2020.