Wednesday, June 23

King tide to blame for floods in Bintulu’s residential areas


An APM personnel member measures the flood level.

A homeowner in Kampung Sebuan Besar speaks to a firefighter about the flooding in her house.

BINTULU: A king tide on Tuesday night caused flooding in several residential areas here with most of the affected areas inundated by floodwaters as high as two feet.

Civil Defence Force (APM) Bintulu officer Lt (PA) Ra’idah Jomi said the affected areas were Kampung Kuala Tatau; Kampung Baru; Kampung Jepak; Kampung Kemunting; Rumah Layang, Sungai Mas; and Kampung Sinong.

She said APM personnel were deployed to the affected areas to check on the flood situation at 9pm.

During the monitoring until 11pm, she said the level of flooding was still
under control.

Bintulu Fire Station chief Christus Buson said the department also deployed units to monitor the floods in the affected areas.

“There was no rescue and evacuation as the situation was still under control,” he said.