Sunday, February 28

Road works cause major pipe leak in Lundu


Heavy machinery are ready to assist in the pipe repair works.

KUCHING: A major pipe leak caused by works on Pan Borneo Highway is causing water supply disruptions in Lundu District, said Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) yesterday.

In a statement, the department said the water disruptions occurred since Tuesday (Jan 21) and the villages affected included Selampit, Bitokan, Sebandi Hulu and Hilir, Bukit Papan, Senibong, Setunggang Ulu, Gerunggang Lama and Baru, Temelan Melayu and Dayak, Kloah, Bantang Embang, Benggang, Setunggang Melayu Lama and Setunggang Dayak.

It also said the water supply disruption was also experienced until Lundu-Sampadi/Beruan-Lundu road.

“The Pan Borneo Highway contractors have begun work to repair the pipeline using four excavators. However, it will take some time to complete due to muddy soil conditions as a result of recent heavy rains in the area,” it said.

It added delivery of water using tankers was now being handled by JBALB Kuching Division and contractors at the affected areas until the situation returns to normal.

“We regret any difficulties felt by the consumers and we hope they remain patient. Any latest development will be informed through the media,” the statement added.