Thursday, December 7

Be diligent in recording particulars of visitors and customers, Lo tells business owners


The Zoom session between Lo (top left) and other MPP officers with the press after the full council meeting on Wednesday.

KUCHING (Jan 27): Business operators must be strict when it comes to recording particulars of visitors and customers in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19, said Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang.

He stressed that there were no shortcuts, and urged them to ensure that people comply either by writing down their details or checking in digitally using apps such as MySejahtera.

“I have gotten a few calls from premises operators who said it was difficult to get people to record their particulars, but they must be strict with this. There are no shortcuts in order to make sure Sarawak is safe,” he told a press conference via Zoom video conferencing after a full council meeting today.

Lo reminded that the battle against Covid-19 was not over, and the recent spike in cases statewide was “very alarming” whereby three-digit figures are reported almost daily, with 33 deaths to date.

“It is a good move by SDMC (State Disaster Management Committee) to announce the locations or premises exposed to the positive cases. This initiatives helps to increase awareness among the public.

“Hence this may lead to high number of cases detection due to self-awareness to come forward to get tested after learning that they have encountered or visited the affected locations,” he said.

Lo also advised premises operators to conduct thorough cleaning and sanitation if their places appeared in the list of affected locations.

He said that self-discipline was important to break the chain of infection.

“We must always remind people to wear face masks, practice physical distancing, hand washing and sanitising.

“We are the frontliners to protect ourselves, families and community at large,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lo also reminded that while the topic was on Covid-19, people must not forget dengue and rabies.

He informed that there were zero dengue cases recorded so far this year, but warned against being complacent as the risk still exists.

“So far this year, a total of 280 premises were inspected including shops, residential and schools.

“Preventive activities including fogging are also carried out in locations with high Aedes index after inspection,” he said, while seeking public cooperation to maintain cleanliness of their surroundings and to avoid indiscriminate dumping.

On rabies, Lo informed that in the week between Dec 27 to Jan 2, there were 72 dog bite cases recorded in Kuching with 37 occurring in MPP areas, while in the week between Jan 3 to Jan 23, there were 99 cases in Kuching with none reported in MPP areas.

“Areas with positive rabies case were at Kampung Punau, Kampung Quop, Kampung Bumbok, Kampung Semeba, Kampung Sebetong, Jalan Datuk Stephen Yong and Kuching City Mall.

“The Council has actively carried out stray removal activities at the said areas,” he said.

Lo also informed that it was found that 86 per cent of the bite cases were from pet dogs, which is the reason why all pet dogs should be vaccinated and should be prevented from roaming freely with strays to prevent rabies infection.

In addition, he also updated the press about MPP’s works in addressing the recent flood and erosion incidents in its areas.

“We managed to visit all the affected areas and provided the support needed by the people,” he said.