Minimise travelling to contain Covid-19 infection during CNY — Tiong


Tiong (right) and others at a recent meeting with the authorities.

KUCHING: Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing is appealing to the public to minimise travelling to help curb the spread of Covid-19 during this festive season.

According to him, roadblocks will be put up by the authorities at the Miri-Bintulu Road, Miri-Bintulu Coastal Road and the Sibu-Bintulu Road.

“Traffic flow into the urban areas must be strictly controlled to avoid abuses of inter-district travel passes. In the interest of public health and safety, the police must implement a strict round-the-clock control of traffic flow into these areas.

“Commuters entering these areas must have valid reasons and documentation for inter-district travel. Without one, they will be asked to return to their districts even if they have obtained prior approval from their areas’ police stations to travel,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

Tiong, who is president of Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), said the authorities are determined to stop further outbreaks during the Spring Festival.

He thanked the Bintulu Division Health Office for its hard work and being around during this difficult time.

He observed that all parties involved were indeed working together to ensure the pandemic situation could be kept in check.

In order to keep a cohesive team together to fight the pandemic, he said the people in charge of the relevant units had sacrificed their time to be with their families during this festival.

“This act of self-sacrifice should be an example for others, that during the Chinese New Year (CNY), which is also a public holiday, it is important for workers to reduce movement although they live apart from their families.

“Those who have responded to this call and stayed to work during the CNY eve have also contributed greatly to the pandemic prevention,” he pointed out.

Tiong hoped that more people would demonstrate such selfless attitude in fulfilling their social responsibilities during the pandemic.

While it is understood that families have waited long to have their reunions with their loved ones, he said the people should be mindful of the current pandemic.

Given the emergence of new clusters, he said the pandemic may end up out of control in the state if people are not cautious.

“The pandemic in the rural longhouse areas has fortunately come under control. But on the other hand, we are seeing more people being quarantined in the urban areas.

“Therefore, it is important for all the people of Bintulu to play their part in the next two weeks to help flatten the curve of infections,” he added.

Tiong also called upon the community not to politicise the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for this CNY to stir up emotions.

Although this year’s CNY will not be the same, he said people must be willing to make a little sacrifice to contain the pandemic.

“Let’s join hands together to celebrate the CNY in a new normal. Once we overcome the coronavirus, we will then be able to celebrate all together in the coming year,” he added.