Beautician regards government’s move to extend MCO period as ‘necessary’


Chan Rou Yiing

SIBU: Many salon and barber shop operators here feel that the government is making the right move in extending the Movement Control Order (MCO) period to this Feb 14, despite it adversely affecting their business.

Chan Rou Yiing, who operates Da Aesthetic Beauty Centre, regards the move as ‘necessary’ in helping to break the chain of Covid-19 infections.

“For the good of the people, it is only right that the government orders the closure of beauty salons and also barber shops, with the aim of flattening the Covid-19 curve,” she told The Borneo Post here.

She also said many fellow beauticians here were ‘afraid to open for business’, especially now with Sibu District having become the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak in this division.

The beautician says physical distancing is difficult when it comes to spa and salon operations.

“Over the past weeks, we’re hit by double-digit positive cases almost daily – at times, (there were) three digits.

“Even those on the salon’s appointment list could pose the danger of infection – you just never know.

“Physical distancing is difficult when it comes to salon operations, and the fear is always there. “So it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Chan also believed that the government’s decision was what the majority of beauticians and hairstylists here would have wanted.

“I think the decision is wise. It’s not just for our welfare and well-being, but also for the entire country.”

However, Chan admitted that it had been a struggle in making it through during these difficult times.

“We need to pay the rent, the worker’s salaries, the bills and other essential items.

“All these things need money,” she lamented, while reminiscing brisk business during past Chinese New Year seasons.

“During this time back then, we would already be attending to lots of appointments for facials and other treatments.

“This year, unfortunately, we’re not making a single sen due to the MCO. It’s very difficult.”

Nevertheless, Chan expressed optimism that things would get better.

As such, she called upon fellow Sibu folk to continue with their strict compliance with the standard operating procedure (SOP) so that ‘these bad times would be over soon’.