Wednesday, December 6

National Unity Policy aligns with existing practices in Sarawak — YPS


Datu Aloysius J. Dris

KUCHING: Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak (YPS) is heartened to see that the National Unity Policy announced by the prime minister to consolidate unity is very much aligned to existing practices in Sarawak, says its chief executive Datu Aloysius J. Dris.

“This spirit of unity in Sarawak has been acknowledged not just by Sarawakians but also those who have come to visit and work in Sarawak.

“The unity that exists in Sarawak is something we can all be proud of and should be preserved at all costs,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Dris said that YPS is always advocating for unity amongst the multi-cultural and inter-religious society in Sarawak.

“Here in Sarawak, unity is already a way of life. In addition to that, YPS is already moving towards cultural appreciation, which is beyond just accepting our multi-cultural society,” he added.

Established in May 1994, YPS is a non-profit organisation set up to undertake, promote, advance or pursue any programme, project or activity that will preserve, enhance and strengthen the unity, harmony and peaceful coexistence of the various multi-racial or multi-ethnic communities in Sarawak and within the Federation of Malaysia.

YPS aims to engage the Sarawak youths in activities that enhance their understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultural heritage, as well as value the hard work and sacrifices that the elders have given to ensure that they enjoy unity, harmony and peace in their midst.

On Monday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin launched the National Unity Policy to ensure that Malaysia remains a strong nation with unity at its core.

He had said the policy based on the concept ‘Unity in Diversity’ outlines continuous efforts to nurture, strengthen and preserve the unity of the people.

The three main objectives of the policy are to strengthen unity and national integration based on the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara (National Philosophy); form a national identity with character, patriotism, the attitude of caring, tolerance, mutual respect and responsibility as well as producing Malaysians who appreciate and foster unity.

“The government is very aware of the fact that unity is the pillar of the nation’s progress. Unity in diversity based on this integration model is what we wish for the people of Malaysia.

“This is because, based on history, we Malaysians have accepted the fact the society in this country is multiracial and of various religions and cultures,” he said when launching the National Unity Policy and National Unity Blueprint 2021-2030 virtually via the National Unity Ministry’s Facebook.