Wednesday, June 23

Dr Chin: 334 volunteers enrolled for Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial as of noon today


Dr Chin Zin Hing – File photo

KUCHING (Feb 23): A total of 334 volunteers have been enrolled for the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) here as of noon today, said State Health Director Dr Chin Zin Hing.

“As of 12pm today 334 subjects have been enrolled at SGH for this international, multicentre, study,” he told The Borneo Post when asked for latest development over the matter.

Dr Chin said many more were screened but they could not be enrolled for this clinical trial due to them meeting at least one of the exclusion criteria for the study protocols.

The vaccine has not been named but is one developed by the Institute of Molecular Biology, China Academy of Medical Sciences, he pointed out.

Dr Chin explained that typically, all treatments (drugs and vaccines) during clinical development phase do not bear a commercial trade name.

“By participating in this study, approximately half of our participants would have been injected with the vaccine, which hopefully will be effective to protect them against significant Covid-19 infection.”

When asked on his future hope, Dr Chin hoped that more vaccines would be developed here in Sarawak.

“Eventually, we will understand these vaccines better and how they work in our local community to protect us against current and future outbreaks,” he said when asked on his future hope.

Dr Chin also took the opportunity to advise and thank even those who were not eligible for the clinical trial.

“For those who have volunteered but not yet selected for this trial, we have your details on our record. If the current trial, or indeed future trials, allows us to enrol more participants, the team at SGH will contact you again.

“Finally, for all of you who responded to our call for volunteers, I would like to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and sincere wish to contribute towards clinical research, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. Keep safe,” he said.

Meanwhile, Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How, who is a volunteer for the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial said he was impressed with the other volunteers from the State.

“Answering to a plea on Saturday and especially the call by Dr Chin in Borneo Post Online on Sunday, more than 119 volunteers had turned up for registration, exceeding the number sought.

“Sarawakians, particularly Kuchingites, are the best. Proud of you All, the brave loving hearts,” he said.