Tuesday, March 2

Push for better Internet coverage, education sector should be a priority, says STU president


Adam Prakash Abdullah

KUCHING: The Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) has been pushing for better Internet connectivity in the sub-urban and rural areas of the state to enhance the learning experience of students.

In making this call, STU president Adam Prakash Abdullah believes that the education sector should be given greater emphasis as based on the just-launched ‘Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint’, it appears that schools would not be getting direct allocation meant for the improvement of Internet connectivity – let alone obtaining information and communications technology (ICT) facilities for home-based schooling.

“Much that we are happy to see opportunities for economic growth in the country, one must not forget that the children in schools today are our greatest assets when it comes to development for the future,” he said in a statement yesterday, commenting about the blueprint.

Adam Prakash also cautioned that policymakers or the relevant agencies would be blamed if today’s children could not attain proper education due to poor facilities and lack of equal opportunities – eventually resulting in the lack of qualified workforce to lead the country in the future.

“STU hopes that the authorities concerned would look into this education issue urgently, and make appropriate and wise decisions in bringing the Malaysian education system up to the world standards.”

Adam Prakash also called upon the government, specifically the Ministry of Education, to revise some of the ineffective approaches and come up with more constructive and innovative ones towards propelling the nation’s education system to greater heights.

“We need long-term effective assistance, not just a temporary, ‘one-off’ solution,” he said.

Launched by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Friday, the ‘Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint’ reportedly features a 10-year roadmap aimed at promoting digital economy, including the focus on online learning and allowing all schools to have access to Internet.