Wednesday, July 6

Covid-19: 7 of 25 active clusters in Sarawak record new cases as state sees daily record broken


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KUCHING: Seven of the 25 active Covid-19 clusters in Sarawak recorded new cases today with the Sungai Bakong Cluster in Meradong being the highest with 65 cases, said the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

This was followed by the Emperoh Jambu Cluster in Kuching with 31 cases, the Gelong Cluster in Kapit with 14 cases, the Jalan Muhhibah Cluster in Betong with five cases, and one case each for the Geronggang Cluster in Sibu; Kampung Sungai Maong Cluster in Kuching and Pasai Cluster in Sibu.

“The additional 65 new cases for the Sungai Bakong Cluster brought the total number of cases in the cluster to 122. A total of 621 individuals have been screened and 240 of them have tested negative for the virus, while another 259 are still awaiting laboratory results,” said the committee in a statement today.

For the Emperoh Jambu Cluster in Kuching, the cluster now has a total of 101 cases with 510 individuals screened, whereby 164 tested negative and 245 are still awaiting test results.

As for the Gelong Cluster in Kapit now has a total of 105 cases with 152 individuals screened, where 47 tested negative and none were awaiting test results.

The Jalan Muhhibah Cluster in Betong now has a total of 23 cases with 209 individuals screened, whereby 66 tested negative and 120 are awaiting test results; while the Geronggang Cluster in Sibu; Kampung Sungai Maong Cluster in Kuching; and Pasai Cluster in  Sibu now has a total of 43, 45 and 2,649 cases respectively.

The Pasai Cluster remains the largest cluster in the state with 40,000 individuals screened, whereby 37,189 tested negative and 162 are awaiting test results.

The Pasai Cluster was detected by the State Health Department on Jan 9 after 38 positive cases were recorded from the cluster, including its index case (Case 1,175) who was tested positive for the virus on Jan 7.

The remaining clusters, Jalan Green Cluster, Kuching; Kejatau Cluster, Sri Aman; Jan Yong Cluster, Kapit; Mas Merah Cluster, Sibu; Univista Cluster, Samarahan; Kidurong Dua Cluster, Bintulu; Nanga Lijan Cluster, Julau; Seruas Cluster, Beluru; Sebangkoi Cluster, Sri Aman; Jun Heng Cluster, Bintulu; Bintang Daily Cluster, Meradong; Jalan Pengiran Cluster, Matu; Tabong Cluster, Bau; Indah Riang Cluster, Kuching; Bedayan Cluster, Serian; Rakut Cluster, Miri; Bukit Sekubong Cluster, Sebauh; Jelita Cluster, Miri; and Pasai sub-cluster, the Tangap Sub-Cluster, Subis did not record any new Covid-19 cases.