Tuesday, March 2

Over 300 residents turn up for targeted ACD at Bukit Lima Nature Reserve


Health frontliners handle the targeted ACD at Bukit Lima Nature Reserve in Sibu.

SIBU: More than 300 residents of Sentosa Zone 15 turned up for the targeted active case detection (ACD) for Covid-19 at Bukit Lima Nature Reserve here yesterday.

The crowd – comprising men and women, young and old, with some already at the site as early as 6am – were divided into several queues, where each of them awaiting their turns to be screened and swabbed by the health frontliners.

Some could be seen bringing along umbrellas and portable chairs, in anticipation of a long wait to reach the swab counters.

The scene was as crowded as the earlier ACD conducted on Monday, said Councillor Joseph Chieng.

For the record, targeted ACDs were also conducted in Permai Zone 28 and Jeriah Zone 29 at Permai Lake Garden here yesterday.

“I have to commend the residents for being willing to undergo screening.

“Many people are asymptomatic and thus, it is highly advisable for them to go testing.

“If a person tested positive for Covid-19, then that person would need to be quarantined; this is a measure to help block the chain of infection,” he said.

Sentosa Zone is classified as one of the Red areas in Sibu.