Wednesday, May 19

Mother appeals for ‘O+ R1R1 JKA’ blood for thalassemic boy


KOTA KINABALU: The difficulty of obtaining blood type ‘O+ R1R1 JKA’ for a child with thalassemia has led to the child’s mother, Selly Onong to appeal for more donors to come forward to donate blood.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Malaysia, she said the blood transfusion process for her son, Neowell Van Houttan, had been somewhat disrupted, causing her son’s condition to worsen.

Selly said since her son has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), she is a bit worried if the blood transfusion process is done slowly every month.

“My son should have blood transfusion every month, but with the low supply of his rare blood type, the last time he underwent a blood transfusion was on Jan 19.

“The next blood transfusion should have been on Feb 5, but there is difficulty in getting the blood type that matches.”

According to Selly, blood donation is not only needed by her son, but many other Thalassemia patients in Sabah Women and Children Hospital.

Neowell who was also admitted to the women and children hospital is currently transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatments.

Although Neowell normally received blood supplies from the National Blood Centre (PDN), Selly said she cannot wait any longer because of the worsening condition of her son.

Donors with the same blood type as Neowell who wish to donate can do so in any hospitals and inform that it is for Neowell Van Houttan at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, or contact Selly at 014-735 7915.