Tuesday, June 15

Main pipe repair works in Igan, Mukah begins today, says JBALB


JBALB Mukah Division conducting a search on the source of the leakage after water supply disruption occurred in Igan a few days ago.

KUCHING (Mar 5): The repair works to the main pipe water leakage in Igan, Mukah will commence today, said the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) in a statement.

This comes after the water supply disruption that occurred in the area several days ago.

“The JBALB Mukah division found the location of the leakage yesterday after several days of searching. This leakage had caused the water supply disruption in the area.

“The repair works of the pipe leakage will commence today by contractors appointed by JBALB. We apologise for any difficulties faced by folks affected,” the department said.

It said that the delivery of water supply to the area was also undertaken by JBALB and they called for all residents affected to provide temporary storage for water.

Updates on the repair works of the pipe will be informed via JBALB’s official Facebook page.