Thursday, September 23

Statos partners with Singapore’s Sky Urban Solutions to introduce unique farming methods into Sarawak


Ngiam (left) and Chew show their MoU documents after the signing ceremony.

KUCHING (March 22): Sarawak’s Trade and Tourism Office in Singapore (Statos) is partnering with Singapore’s vertical farm founder, Sky Urban Solutions, to introduce their unique farming methods into Sarawak.

Widely recognised as a pioneer and leading developer of technology in the field of vertical farming, Statos stated that Sky Urban’s patented cultivation system had won several local and international design awards and it was a major player in Singapore’s quest to boost local food production.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked at a March 16 ceremony between Sky Urban’s chairman Dr Ngiam Tong Tau and Statos chief executive officer Chew Chang Guan.

Also visiting Sky Greens Vertical Vegetable Farm that day, Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing commented the novel solutions that their agri-food tech companies had developed not only address the city-state food security challenges but can also help other countries as well.

The agreement will see Statos work with Sarawak’s Ministry for the Modernisation of Agriculture to introduce the technology to local farmers and seek out suitable sites and interested parties in Sarawak to joint venture or operate as franchisees.

As the base level of these vertical farms make use of a series of multi-purpose shipping containers, Statos said the ground floor area can provide a great agri-tourism opportunity with space for accommodation units and a restaurant or shopping facilities for visitors.

“This new high-density approach to profitable and reliable farming can help breathe new life into Sarawak’s isolated rural communities,” said Chew.

“It also has the added benefit of providing exciting new skilled employment opportunities that will help keep our young tech savvy generation working within their own communities,” he added.

Sky Green is the world’s first low carbon and hydraulic driven vertical farm.

“It uses green urban solutions to achieve production of safe, fresh and delicious vegetables while taking up minimal land, water and energy resources,” said Statos.

It also added vertical farms can be used anywhere as they do not depend on the availability of large tracts of arable land.

The system consists of enclosed rotating tiers of growing troughs mounted on a A-shape aluminium frame.

Statos stated the frame can be as high as nine metres tall with 38 tiers of growing troughs, which can accommodate soil or hydroponics.

“The troughs rotate around the aluminium frame to ensure that the plants receive uniform sunlight, irrigation and nutrients as they pass through different points in the structure.”

The vertical farming system is not limited to vegetables but it can also be used for live fish and prawn farming in a controlled environment.

For more information, Statos welcomes enquiries from any interested parties in Sarawak wishing to know more about the system via a Zoom virtual meeting and they can email to [email protected]