Wednesday, May 19

SPA: All detention centres in Sarawak should observe SOP to prevent Covid-19 spread


Datuk Lau Pang Heng

KUCHING (March 29): Sarawak Patriots Association (SPA) has called on the authorities to request all detention centres in the state to observe the standard operating procedures (SOP) in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Its chairman Datuk Lau Pang Heng said it is alarming that there were 75 persons staying in a single room at the Bukit Semuja Immigration detention centre.

“If the detention centre follows SOP where inmates practice social distancing, we believe the chances of one being infected by Covid-19 will be low. Will the officers-in-charge of the detention centre be penalised for not following SOP?

“Alternatively, we hope the authorities shall strengthen preventive measures to monitor people entering Sarawak illegally at this time,” he said in a press statement today.

Lau said SPA members have expressed their deep concerns and are of the opinion that unless everyone adhere to the SOP, Covid-19 may stay longer than needed.

SPA also called on the State Health Department to pay more attention to transportation hubs in the state.

“The bus terminals, airports and all the ports. Strengthening the SOP, particularly at bus terminals will minimise the chances of passengers moving in and out of the city or town getting Covid-19 infection,” Lau said.

He pointed out that it is good to note that the government has requested companies and manufacturers to send their workers’ names to the Resident offices for enrolment into the vaccination programme.

He said healthy workers will ensure continuous production, as manufacturing plays a major role in strengthening the economy.

Lau opined that the government should reveal the strengths and weaknesses of managing Covid-19 for the past 12 months.

“This will enable us to learn from mistakes and move forward competently. Fighting Covid-19 is everybody’s responsibility,” he said.