Monday, August 15

Miros starts pilot project to tackle issue of unlicensed motorcyclists among schoolkids


KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) is working with district-level agencies and communities to address the issue of unlicensed motorcyclists among school students.

Its chairman Datuk Suret Singh said an integrated awareness campaign pilot project to address the issue had been initiated involving various agencies.

The Royal Malaysia Police and state assemblymen (ADUN) are also involved in this project.

“This (initiative) cannot be handled by one agency alone. We have started the pilot project so that integrated action will be taken involving all agencies at the district level such as the police, National Road Safety Council (MKJR), Road Transport Department and state assemblymen (ADUNs). They (these groups) are the influencers at the local level.

“We have met those who are involved at the district level…to have everyone to work together and jointly address this issue at this level. We are planning to make the ADUNs the anchors of the campaign,” he told Bernama.

According to Suret, a study conducted by MIROS on 921 students from 32 secondary schools found that 62.4 per cent of students who ride motorcycles do not possess a licence.

Therefore, he said each district-level agency was responsible for conducting ongoing awareness campaigns, and the programmes should involve the parent-teacher associations, parents and village committee members.

According to him, riding a motorcycle without a licence is common in many rural communities, so such awareness campaigns are needed to change their mindsets.

“Parents do not prevent or prohibit their children from riding motorcycles without a licence. Almost 63 per cent of parents are allowing their children to ride motorbikes, without being in possession of a licence, to run errands (for them).

“A behavioural change can be realised when the local community understands the risks that will be borne by motorcyclists who are not educated on the safety of riding a motorcycle,” he added. – Bernama