Monday, September 25

JCIKK launches project to disinfect kindergartens


From left: Chian, Alan, Tabika & Taska Kemas Kg Unggun teacher Ita, Stephen Yap from A Plus Pharmacy and JCIKK member Muhammad Hisyamuddin.

KOTA KINABALU: The safety of our children has always been the top priority especially during this pandemic and Junior Chamber International Kota Kinabalu (JCIKK), together with A Plus Pharmacy and Lifeplus Medical Group, has launched their Zero Virus! 2021 (2.0) project with a visit to Tabika & Taska Kemas PPAK Kgampung Unggun Jaya situated at Sepanggar, for disinfection service.

“Pre-school and kindergarten are the first stop for children to learn, where it may not be safe for the children to go to school during this period and disinfection services are necessary to minimize the risk of being infected by the virus,” said organizing chairman Alan Moo.

Zero Virus! is the flagship project of Junior Chamber International Kota Kinabalu (JCIKK) launched in year 2020. The goals for Zero Virus! 2021 (2.0) which carried forward this year, are to establish a safer environment for our children and to enhance public awareness of hygiene and cleanliness. This project will continuously be providing disinfection services to pre-schools and kindergartens especially those situated at remote areas to ensure the safety of the children.

On April 1, Alan and other JCI members went to Tabika & Taska Kemas PPAK Kg Unggun situated at Sepanggar for disinfection services. The disinfection service is performed by professional disinfectants, where they performed disinfection for 2 classrooms, 1 computer room, 1 rest room, 1 kitchen, 1 store room, 1 playground, teacher’s office, all the walkway and corridors, thereafter, the JCIKK members wiped all the tables and chairs in the classroom to ensure the children will not be exposed to any chemicals and viruses afterward.

This disinfection service provides a safer learning and working environment for more than 90 teachers and students in the kindergarten and allays parents’ worries about their children in the pre-school & kindergarten.

Special thanks to A Plus Pharmacy and Lifeplus Medical Group for their generous donation and enthusiasm for charity. This project will continue to provide disinfection services to those pre-school and kindergarten situated in the West Coast of Sabah.

If you wish to participate in this meaningful project, you may contact the 2021 President of Junior Chamber International Kota Kinabalu, Chian Mei Hsing at 011-6234 1534 or Alan at 016-778 3925 for more information.