Tuesday, August 3

UMS researchers make vinegar from pineapple



The UMS team and the participants from Kampung Rungus Nahaba, Tamparuli for the technological intervention of pineapple vinegar preparation.

KOTA KINABALU: University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) researchers have conducted a technological intervention to transform overripe pineapple into vinegar product in Kampung Rungus Nahaba, Tamparuli.

This one-day demonstration on March 13 was conducted by the team from the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, UMS, with the coordination of former village headman, Joseph bin Kutin.

The UMS team consists of food technologists and scientists from various disciplines.

Led by Dr Fan Hui Yin, the team consists of Dr Mansoor Abdul Hamid, Associate Professor Dr Lee Jau Shya, Associate Professor Dr Hasmadi Mamat, Dr Md Jahurul Haque Akanda and Siti Faridah Mohd Amin.

The basic knowledge from the start to end of the preparation process was explained to all the intervention participants.

The scientists emphasized safety procedures and hygiene steps that planters have to follow to ensure their pineapple vinegar product is safe for consumption.

The participants practised those procedures and steps under the guidance from the UMS team throughout this technology intervention.

This intervention is part of the UMS AgriSolutions programme, which consists of multi-discipline teams from UMS who aim to resolve issues from farm to plate in agriculture, food product development and supply chain.

With this intervention, new opportunities are shared to the pineapple planters in the transition towards sustainable agriculture practices.

UMS and its researchers strive to work with the community and all stakeholders to transfer the discoveries into practical solutions.