Sunday, April 18

Bata takes a dig at rival’s ‘Muslim-friendly’ slippers, offering ‘wallet-friendly’ sandals

Bata slippers

Bata taking a dig at Neelofa’s ‘Muslim-friendly’ slippers offering its ‘Wallet-friendly’ sandals. – Picture via Facebook/Bata

KUALA LUMPUR (April 8): Global company Bata has jumped into Malaysia’s latest footwear debate, offering its “friendly to everyone” sandals.

In a creative dig at local brand Fipper’s line of “Muslim-friendly” slippers, released in collaboration with TV personality and celebrity entrepreneur Neelofa, Bata reintroduced its slip-ons under the Power line.

Bata promoted its sandals for its soft soles, being lightweight and easier on the wallet for the average Malaysian at RM39.99.

“Looking for a comfortable sandal that’s ‘Wallet-Friendly’? Try the Power slip-on sandals that’s friendly to everyone

“Retail price RM39.99 at Bata Retail stores,” the Bata advertisement said.

Neelofa, whose real name is Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, came under flak after the Fipper launch, with many Malaysians accusing her of religious exploitation on social media.

Neelofa’s RM79.90 slippers are markedly pricier than Fipper’s other products, which retail between RM16.90 and RM49.90 in their unisex collection.

Yesterday, Fipper said the controversial “Muslim-friendly” claim for its sandal in collaboration with celebrity entrepreneur Neelofa’s TheNoor app, just means that it can be used by those who wear socks.

The company said its previous products, which are mostly slippers, supposedly do not fit the image of a Muslim woman.

Fipper also sells its own slip-on sandals, which look almost the same as the “exclusive” collaboration, for just RM49.90. – Malay Mail