Thursday, August 5

Lee: Pujut Satu Cluster in Miri is a workplace cluster


Datuk Lee Kim Shin

MIRI (April 11): The Pujut Satu Cluster which was detected on Saturday, is a workplace cluster involving an auxiliary police personnel who works at Sarawak Energy Bhd’s office at Jalan Sesco in Pujut 1 area here, said Datuk Lee Kim Shin.

Lee, who is the Minister in-charge of the Miri Division Disaster Management Committee (MDDMC), said the index case, who is a local man, was detected through contact tracing.

He added that the index case, who was a close contact to a Covid-19 positive case detected in Sibu Hospital on March 27, had underwent a rt-PCR test and was confirmed positive for Covid-19 on March 29. The case started experiencing symptoms such as cough and fever on March 20.

“As for the cluster that is linked to this index case, failure to practice physical distancing among family members and co-workers could be the factor that led to the spread of the virus,” said Lee in the statement.

Meanwhile, Lee who chaired the MDDMC meeting yesterday, pointed out that the occurrence of Covid-19 positive cases in the division are linked to two factors namely infection at workplace and home (family members).

“We believe that the infection at workplace happened when colleagues opened their face mask during meal time. Those who infected their other colleagues could be those who exhibited symptoms but insisted of going to work.

“The other factor, which is infection at home, happened when those with symptoms did not seek treatment immediately at the health facility and those who were required to do self-quarantine at home did not follow the strict standard operating procedure (SOP).”

In view of the worsening Covid-19 situation in the division, Lee said MDDMC has decided to issue guidelines for home quarantine and Covid-19 preventive measures at workplace.

As for home quarantine, Lee said the individual must remain at his/her own residence, not allowed to go out of the house unless during emergency; practice physical distancing with other family members, wear face mask at all times, have separate meal from other family members, must not receive any visitors during the quarantine period and to inform the nearest health facility if he/she experiences any symptoms or discomfort (during self-quarantine period).

For Covid-19 preventive measures at workplace, Lee said health declaration must be done on daily basis before starting work and workers must scan the MySejahtera QR code; have their body temperature scanned and recorded; practice strict physical distancing; avoid gathering during work or meal time.

He added that employers must prepare hand sanitiser for the workers and those who experienced discomfort or with symptoms or with body temperature more than 37.5 degree Celsius must not enter the premises but to seek immediate treatment at nearest health facility. Sanitisation must be carry out on a daily basis by the employees.

Similarly, Lee said students who are returning to school for physical classes, must be vigilant and adhere strictly to the SOP that has been drawn up by the district education department.

He advised parents not to send their children to school if they’re experiencing a fever, cough, sore throat, breathing difficulty and anosmia (loss of smell) but to send them to seek immediate treatment atthe nearest health facility.

“Similarly, if any family member of the students is identified as a close-contact to a positive case, parents must not send their children to school, but to inform their respective school management and wait until the rt-PCR result (of the close contact) comes out negative,” said Lee.