Monday, May 10

Avoid visiting Lanang, Dr Annuar advises in view of spike in Covid-19 cases


Dr Annuar Rapaee

SIBU (Apr 12): Sibu Division Disaster Management Committee (SDDMC) coordinator Dr Annuar Rapaee has urged everyone who is not staying or working in Lanang to avoid visiting the area if there is no necessity in view of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases there.

During his daily Facebook Live stream yesterday, he said the increasing number of cases at Lanang area has become a worrying situation and SDDMC would have a meeting last night to come up with a solution to contain the spike.

“Out of 83 cases reported in Sibu today (yesterday), 41 cases are involving or related to the cases throughout Lanang area.

“Tonight (last night), we will have a meeting with Sibu Resident to come up with a solution or what actions to be taken to solve this problem for the whole of Lanang area and we will present our proposal to State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) tomorrow (this) morning,” he said.

He added that the cases are from Sukun/Lada zone (five cases), Mantis zone (four), Bukit Lima zone (nine), Tong Sang zone (six), Pusat Bandar zone (two) and Tiong Hua zone (15 cases).

According to him, the cases mostly involved workers at the factories and staying at rented premises around or above the factories.

He also said that there were cases staying outside Lanang area, which had caused the spread of the virus to other zones especially at Tiong Hua Zone.

“The whole of Lanang area is problematic now and they are mostly related to Bulatan Aman Cluster and Jalan Maju Cluster,” he pointed out.

He thus urged everyone either working or staying at Lanang area to undergo swab test during the Mass Active Case Detection (ACD) at the Rejang Esplanade today and Tuesday from 9am until 1pm.

He also urged everyone in Sibu to stay safe and only go out only when necessary.