Monday, May 10

Kapit eatery owners want Health Ministry to give them priority Covid-19 vaccination


Ma Thian Ho

KAPIT (April 12): The Kapit Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners’ Association (KCROA) has appealed to the Ministry of Health to give food service industry operators and workers priority Covid-19 vaccination as they should be considered front-liners.

Chairman Ma Tian Ho said operators and workers in the food industry here and in Song provide vital services to the people.

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“We are also considered the front-liners because we cater and provide food and drinks to people. We are facing great risks of Covid-19 infection. Every day, we face customers and clients from all backgrounds.

“Although we require customers to scan their body temperature, record their particulars and contact details, and also clean their hands with hand sanitiser, the risk is still there,” he told reporters this morning.

According to him, the association believes the only way to control the Covid-19 pandemic is through vaccination, which was a major topic during the KCROA’s annual general meeting on Sunday.

He said the consensus from the association’s discussions was to appeal to the government, through the Health Ministry, to prioritise the industry for vaccination.

“The sooner, the better. Only when the majority of our people are already vaccinated, then we are safe from the pandemic,” he said.

He added all association members have registered with MySejahtera.

KCROA has over 100 registered members in Kapit and Song districts.