Monday, May 10

Report to police if patients seek gunshot wounds – CP


KOTA KINABALU: Clinics and hospitals, both government and private, are urged to report to the police immediately if patients come in with gunshot wounds.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hazani Ghazali said after suspects of a motor vehicle theft case, involving a Toyota Vigo, escaped arrest after police opened fire at them.

“We urge government and private clinics to report to police if patients come in seeking treatment for gunshot wounds.

“This is because police were forced to fire two shots in pursuit of suspects in a four-wheel-drive vehicle theft case. The suspects attempted to run over policemen who were pursuing the former, and the suspects managed to escape after a struggle.

“The suspects are being pursued and forensics have managed to turn up fingerprints. We are expecting an arrest soon,” said Hazani on Monday.

The suspects were believed to have been found with the stolen vehicle near Kampung Dambai, Papar on the morning of April 11.

When approached by police, the suspects drove off in the vehicle after a struggle, in an attempt to flee.

They managed to escape and police found the vehicle by the side of the road, abandoned some several kilometres away from where the suspects were first found.