Saturday, May 8

Samsung introduces new 4K resolution 2021 UHD TV range


KUCHING: Samsung Malaysia Electronics introduced its lineup of UHD 4K TVs for 2021. At the forefront of the 4K revolution, the new UHD TVs provide the ultimate immersive experience for all purposes – from work, entertainment and gaming to social communication.

At the foundation of the images seen on the Crystal UHD TVs (AU9000/AU8000) is Dynamic Crystal Color, which delivers lifelike images with every subtlety, through one billion shades of colour born in a pure state with fine crystal.

Packed in a profile that is sleeker and slimmer than before, Samsung’s premium design philosophy manifests in the Crystal UHD range through the AirSlim design.

With its depth reduced by more than half compared to last year’s range, these TVs blend effortlessly into any space with an elegant, minimalist look.

Crystal Processor 4K also allows the viewer to enjoy every shade of color as intended, by upscaling all content into 4K-level picture quality. The processor meticulously analyzes low-resolution videos scene-by-scene, adjusts colors, and enhances contrast and HDR.

To top it off, Smart TV Powered by TIZEN enhances the overall viewing experience, giving users more ways to enjoy their TVs with instant content access and more ways to control and connect across their devices.

“With more people around the world embracing remote or hybrid working, boundaries between home and work spaces are disappearing. Today, customers are accustomed to relying on their TVs for all purposes – from enhancing their productivity, to entertaining themselves through the latest games, and connecting with their loved ones in a safe, yet engaging and immersive manner,” said Samsung Malaysia Electronics president Edward Han.

“This year’s Crystal UHD lineup takes all these trends into account to provide all-in-one Smart TVs equipped to support every aspect of our daily lives. Powered by Samsung’s next generation display offering beautifully bright and vivid colors, as well as immersive sound technology and stylish ultra-thin designs, the Crystal UHD 4K TVs are an irresistible choice for the savvy consumers of today,” Edward added.

On top of Dynamic Crystal Color and Crystal Processor 4K, both the AU9000 and the AU8000 series models boast Samsung’s Contrast Enhancer and High Dynamic Range (HDR) features.

The former comprises an innovative picture technology that analyzes regions of each image and dynamically adjusts the contrast, resulting in an enhanced sense of depth and color.

The HDR increases the range of light levels on the TV, so users can enjoy an enormous spectrum of colours and all the visual details, in even the darkest scenes.

For a seamless audio experience, the Q-Symphony capability available across both models uniquely allows TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for better surround effect without muting TV speakers. Adaptive Sound offers audio scenic intelligence, optimising sound based on real-time scene analysis by content type.

Users of the AU9000 have the added benefit of Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Lite – which delivers 3D surround sound enabled by two virtual top channel speakers created through Samsung’s AI algorithms – allowing them to experience the nuances in every scene with virtual audio that tracks all the actions.

Gaming enthusiasts will especially enjoy the AU9000, which comes packed with Motion Xcelerator Turbo, enabling smoother motions and clearer images through Samsung’s unique dynamic refresh technology for the game content they love.

Additionally, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) optimises the screen, enabling more controls with barely noticeable input lag at 5.8ms, allowing for near instant reactions to commands to quickly dominate the game.

The 21:9 and 32:9 ratios of the Super Ultrawide GameView on the AU9000 model allows gamers more viewing area, with the Game Bar offering a comprehensive menu allowing for adjustments to screen ratio, input lag, FPS, HDR, and wireless headset, so users can fine-tune settings for the perfect gaming experience.

To top it all off, AMD FreeSync technology provides real-time synchronisation of the GPU and display to eliminate screen tearing and delays, delivering smooth images even during the fastest moving action scenes.

Beyond gaming, the AU9000 TVs comes with Multi View, displaying 4K video on up to two screens so users can catch content showing on their TVs and mobile on the screen at the same time. Whether it is a ‘live’ sports game or video gaming guides, multi-taskers will have yet another way to multi-screen like never before.

Samsung’s entry-level UHD AU7000 does not hold back any punches, offering many of the same picture and sound features as the range-leading models. Now, users can easily make the most out of their Smart TV as the key centerpiece in their homes.

PurColor delivers extremely rich and lifelike colors, thanks to the fine-tuned backlights and matching color filters which optimises picture quality. Backed by the Crystal Processor 4K, the AU7000 similarly brings users right into thick of scenes with beautiful colours and top-notch picture quality.

Those seeking to experience Smart 4K TVs should look no further than the AU7000.

Through Samsung Smart TV Powered by TIZEN, users can gain instant access to a world of content beyond streaming, from scheduling recordings, performing searches and gaming, all while staying to devices across the home.

Remote workers will enjoy the ability share their screen quickly, or display multiple documents on a bigger screen, by seamlessly extending their laptop screens onto the AU7000 TVs, turning it into a wireless dual monitor for your PC.

The Tap View feature even allows users to connect their smartphones to the TV and enjoy seamless mirroring.