Sunday, October 17

Hari Raya visits within same district in Sabah, limited to close family members


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s official Covid-19 spokesman Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun has revealed the state’s standard operating procedures (SOP) for the upcoming Hari Raya celebration.

In a statement on Thursday, Masidi said that ‘takbir raya’ activities would be allowed in mosques and suraus but not in houses.

‘Solat sunat’ activities will also be allowed, but subject to the orders from the state’s religious authorities. Children below the age of 12 are not encouraged to participate in such activities.

He said that food may served after the solat sunat activities but it must be served in take-away packs.

Masidi further disclosed that Hari Raya visits will be allowed but only among close family members, with a maximum of 20 persons in one house, depending on the size of the house.

“Hari raya visits are only allowed within the same district,” said Masidi.

He added that grave visits are also allowed, but only up to six persons per lot, with a maximum time limit of 30 minutes.

Masidi stressed that Hari Raya open houses or ceremonies are not allowed.

“All Hari Raya activities in localities that are currently under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) are prohibited,” added Masidi.