Friday, June 25

Internet users mourn the death of Xiao Bai, the Miri dog that ‘tapaus’ from chicken rice stall (Video)


Animal lovers were taken aback by the sad news of Xiao Bai’s death in Miri, Sarawak. ― Picture via Facebook/ Alex Sim

KUALA LUMPUR (May 19): Animal lovers received heartbreaking news of the death of Xiao Bai (Little White) the dog, which caught the attention of Malaysian social media fame in 2019 for her takeaway antics from a chicken rice stall in Miri, Sarawak.

The update shared by stall operator Alex Sim on his Facebook on Monday evening was accompanied with a black and white picture of the female mongrel where he captioned “humans are scary”.

An hour after the initial post, Sim apologised to his followers that he could not respond to their comments enquiring about Xiao Bai.

“I am in a bad mood now, I cannot respond to your messages, apologies.”

At time of writing, Sim had yet to reveal Xiao Bai’s cause of death but one of his followers, Jason Lai, shared that he had contacted Miri City Council dog catching unit which admitted to shooting Xiao Bai.

“They denied killing the dog, just tranqualise it. But if the dog dies after it was tranquilised, it is the dog’s luck,” he claimed.

There was an outpour of grief following Sim’s posts.

Many questioned the need to sedate Xiao Bai when it caused no harm.

Carmen Wong shared that when she heard of Xiao Bai’s passing, she got very upset.

“Xiao Bai you are a good girl. I believe those who love you will never forget you,” she said, reminiscing about Sim’s recording showing Xiao Bai taking away food from his stall.

Malay Mail had previously reported that Xiao Bai was a regular that would wait patiently at Sim’s chicken rice stall.

Rather than feeding it with scraps on the spot that may lead to patrons feeling uneasy, Sim packs a generous amount of rice and chicken in a plastic bag for the pooch to “tapau” (takeaway). – Malay Mail