Friday, September 24

State will maintain prestige of traditional sports – Ellron


Ellron (fourth right) and invited guests at the online opening ceremony of the traditional sports event in conjunction with the state level Harvest Festival celebration on Thursday.

KOTA KINABALU: Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ellron Angin expressed high hope that the traditional sports event held in conjunction with the state-level Harvest Festival celebration will return as a competition next year.

Ellron, however, said such possibility will depend much on the Covid-19 pandemic then.
“Hopefully the Covid-19 situation will have improve next year so that we can have a competition for traditional sports…it is also to appreciate the traditional sports enthusiasts in Sabah,” he said.

Ellron said this when officiating the 2020 edition of the Traditional Sports games at Hongkod Koisaan KDCA in Penampang on Thursday.

The Sook assemblyman was joined by invited guests in taking part in one of the traditional sports, Migazat Dukug or tug-of war, as a symbolic opening of the event.

The opening ceremony as well as the various traditional sports events were live-streamed via UnitGrafik kbss Facebook. There were no crowds present except for the invited guests in compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

“We are showing only the traditional sports performances rather than competition this year…this is to ensure that these traditional sports are not forgotten by the community,” he added in a statement to the press on Thursday.

Despite following strict compliance with SOPs due to the Covid-19 situation, did not dampen the atmosphere of the online traditional sports opening ceremony or Kaamatan festival.

“This provides an opportunity for the public to watch the ceremony,” he said while adding the state government will continue to maintain the prestige of the KadazanDusun Murut and Rungus (KDMR) traditional sports.

For the record, the traditional sports performance being shown were Mipulos (arm-wrestling), Momolositik (slingshot), Monungkava Kalabau (buffalo roping), Migazat Dukug (tug-of-war), Manandus (javelin), Tumutu (paddy pounding), Mopiri (lighting a fire) and Mipansa (knuckles and fingers wrestling).