Saturday, October 23

Covid-19: Sarawak records 588 new cases, five deaths


A total of 284 or 48.3 per cent of the new cases were detected in Kuching, Miri, Sarikei and Sibu with Kuching being the sole district to register three-digit cases at 106. – Bernama File Photo

KUCHING (June 2): Sarawak recorded 588 new Covid-19 cases along with five death cases today, said the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

It said in its Covid-19 daily update that the state’s total number of infections now stood at 48,620 cases while the death toll has increased to 305.

“A total of 284 or 48.3 per cent of the new cases were detected in Kuching, Miri, Sarikei and Sibu with Kuching being the sole district to register three-digit cases at 106.

“This is followed by Miri with 67, Sarikei (61), Sibu (50), Samarahan (41), Tatau (38), Bintulu (35), Selangau (24), Asajaya (23), Sri Aman (22), Kapit (21), Bau (18), Beluru (11), Simunjan (11), Kanowit (10), Betong (7), Pakan (6), Marudi (6), Pusa (5), Subis (5), Dalat (5), Meradong (4), Mukah (4), Serian (3), Lundu (3), and Sebauh (2),” it said.

SDMC said 70 individuals out of the 588 cases had shown signs and symptoms of Covid-19 infection when screenings were conducted.

“There were also 481 cases detected from individuals who were instructed to be quarantined at quarantine centres,” it added.

It said the cases consisted of 393 cases which were detected from screenings of individuals with contact to positive cases; 88 cases from screenings of individuals from existing active clusters; 58 cases from other screenings at health facilities; and 49 cases from screenings of symptomatic individuals at health facilities.

On the death cases, SDMC said one of the fatalities has been categorised as a ‘brought-in-dead’ (BID) case.

The BID case involved an 83-year-old woman who was found unconscious at home by her family member

“The medical team, who arrived at her residence, confirmed that the victim no longer showed signs of life and pronounced her dead on May 30.

“She was brought to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for further investigation by the forensics team. An rT-PCR test was conducted and found the victim, who had no history of comorbidities, to be Covid-19 positive,” said SDMC.

Another death case was also registered in Kuching, involving a 75-year-old woman who was admitted to SGH for fever and shortness of breath.

The committee said she was screened using the rT-PCR test and found positive on May 25.

“She died today (June 2) after her health deteriorated,” it said, adding that the victim had comorbidities of hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and obesity.

Two fatalities were also recorded in Miri involving sexagenarians who were admitted to Miri Hospital after suffering from cough and shortness of breath.

“One of them was a 66-year-old woman who had cough and difficulty breathing for the past one week. The victim, who had a history of hypertension, was found positive through the rT-PCR test on May 18 and she died on May 31.

“The other victim was a 64-year-old man who had the same symptoms two days prior to his admission to the hospital. His rT-PCR test on May 30 found him positive for Covid-19 and he died on June 1,” it said, adding that this victim had comorbidities of hypertension, diabetes, stroke and end-stage kidney disease.

Also succumbing to the deadly Covid-19 virus was a 69-year-old man who sought treatment at Kapit Hospital for cough and shortness of breath.

“He was found positive through the rT-PCR test on May 13 and died on May 31 after his health deteriorated.

“The victim had a history of comorbidities namely hypertension and diabetes,” said the committee.

Meanwhile, SDMC said 427 cases had recovered today of which 94 were discharged from Bintulu Hospital and the quarantine and low-risk patients treatment centre (PKRC) under Bintulu Hospital; 88 from Sibu Hospital and the PKRC under Sibu Hospital; 85 from SGH and PKRC under SGH; 79 from Miri Hospital and PKRC under Miri Hospital; 25 from Sarikei Hospital and PKRC under Sarikei Hospital; 24 from Kapit Hospital and PKRC under Kapit Hospital; 11 from PKRC Betong; nine from PKRC Mukah; nine from Sri Aman Hospital and PKRC Sri Aman; two from PKRC Serian; and one from PKRC Lawas.

“The total number of recoveries in the state have now increased to 39,750 or 81.76 per cent out of the overall cases,” it said.

It also said that 8,456 patients were still being isolated and treated at hospitals and PKRCs throughout the state, where 2,131 were being treated at SGH; 1,654 at Miri Hospital; 1,428 at Bintulu Hospital; 1,276 at Sibu Hospital and PKRC Sibu; 766 at Kapit Hospital and PKRC Kapit; 377 at Sarikei Hospital; 273 at Sri Aman Hospital; 222 at PKRC Mukah; 163 at PKRC Betong; 126 at PKRC Serian; 31 at PKRC Lawas; and nine at Limbang Hospital.

A total of 588 new person under investigation (PUI) cases were also reported with none pending lab test result.